The humanitarian situation across Oromia, Ethiopia is significantly deteriorating time to time. The families and individuals those who escaped to save their lives are shouting very loud to get our help. Thousands of children are left without parents.The main cause of this crisis were/are Air strikes targeting the civilians, self-displacement to save their lives, and war. Based on the report coming from the area currently, millions of Oromo people including children and women are affected and without any help.  H4WCH is working closely with multiple team those who are in Oromia. We are focusing on how to provide food, water, and clothes.  If we don’t help them today, they may not survive. Your small donation today, will make a huge difference to save lives.

Making difference is not an easy thing it requires passion , kind heart and feeling pain and hunger of people in need. We believe you have same heart like ours. Don’t hesitate to give much you can now, There is one saying in Oromo Language ” Qunceen wal gargaartee arba hiiti” this means if help each other moving mountain will not be one person hustle and pain. Click The button below to take action.